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Classic sweetheart corset our high quality over bust - image.


How to Choose Your Corset

Overbust corsets come in all shapes and styles

Overbust Corsets

More overbust corsets

More Overbust Corsets

underbust corsets also known as waist cinchers as their name suggest sit under the bust line and pulls in waist for an hourglass look

Underbust Corsets

 'Specialist Corsets' are for experienced corset wearers who want a very pronounced corseted shape. You need to have worn corsets for a while before you try these.

Specialist Tight Lacing Corsets

Wedding Corsets section which contains not only pieces perfect as part of a wedding gown, but also honeymoon and bridal lingerie corsets. Don't forget to scroll down the page for advice on bridal outfits.

Wedding Corsets

Corsets with Straps

Gothic Corsets harkens back to our alternative fashion origins in Camden, and displays the best in dramatic corsets perfect for any gothic princess,

Gothic Corsets

Video: How to put on and lace your corset up!

Burlesque Corsets  features pieces ideal for performers or cabaret patrons.  Don't forget to look in our burlesque lingerie section for mix and match pieces for a full outfit!

Burlesque Corsets


The word alone conjures up vintage images of stiffly brocaded Elizabethans, elegant Edwardians and starched Victorians, burlesque ruffles, the saloon girls of the Wild West, buxom wenches and a whole host of other feminine archetypes. And yet, most people will only be familiar with the high street equivalent; the bustier or the basque. If you've ever worn one of these, you'll have noticed that the plastic boning bends and distorts every time you sit down, or breaks and digs into your ribs.

Fortunately, our lovingly made, steel-boned corsets are really quite different. We're passionate about corsetry at FairyGothMother, and are committed to offering you beautiful and comfortable corsetry of exceptional quality, to emphasise your feminine curves and create a fantastic silhouette which will make you feel a million dollars.

"So, what's the difference between these high-street 'corset' basques and FairyGothMother steel-boned corsets?"

Forget uncomfortable plastic boning, wear-once-and-throw-away basques which fasten with tedious to do up and easily breakable hook-and-eye fastening, ill-fitting cups and stretch fabric which loses its elasticity - our corsets are constructed from sumptuous silks and satins, with heavy-duty lining and steel bones to ensure a perfect hourglass figure, which cinches the waist around 4" whilst flattening the tummy, shaping the hips and boosting the bust. Instead of hook-and-eye, we use steel busks which clip at the front, and fully adjustable back lacing for a perfect fit. Of course, we cater to different preferences, and also offer a range of starter corsets which reduces the waist by 2-3", and specialist curve-enhancing styles which can take 6" off your waist, without damage to the corset or your body - and yes, you can still breathe!

Over time, your corset will mould itself to your body, which is why we recommend never letting anybody else borrow your corset for a night out, and if you’ve just bought a new corset for a special evening out, it’s advisable to wear it for a couple of hours for a few days before the event, so that both you and the corset can get used to each other. Every time you wear put it on, you should be able to lace it up even tighter, so do make sure you choose a corset which is at least four inches smaller than your natural waist, or it will soon be too big for you.

Corsets are often the ideal outfit solution for special occasions, such as weddings, proms, balls, formal events, concert performances, burlesque shows… The list goes on. As well as being part of an outfit ensemble, corsets can also be worn underneath clothing, and for this, we offer a particularly thin range, available in white, cream, nude and black, and will be able to advise you on how to make sure your corset is invisible underneath your dress. We hold the largest stock of corsets anywhere in the UK, with thousands of style and colour combinations available, as well as a bespoke service if you’d like one made to your exact specifications.

“But!", I hear you exclaim. “Given that you have over 60,000 style, fabric and colour combinations available, how on earth do I find the best one for me?”

Easy peasy - we’ve split our massive range into several sections to help you find the right corset. From simple basic corsets to the elegantly embellished and Swarovski-encrusted, each category features the most suitable corsets for your needs.

Underbust Corsets give an hourglass silhouette by reducing the waist and midsection, thereby emphasizing the feminine shape. From our teeny tiny corset belt all the way to longline underbusts which begin just under the bust line and curve over the hips and all our corsets in between, we have a style to fit any body shape. Ideal for those who prefer to wear a bra rather than be supported by an overbust corset, or for wear underneath outfits with structured cups, underbust corsets are great either over a dress, with a shirt and skirt or trousers, or on their own as a lingerie piece.

Overbust Corsets and Overbust Corsets 2 are our largest sections, featuring styles suitable for formal wear, prom outfits, alternative bridal gowns to lingerie and burlesque corsetry. These corsets provide support for and boost the bust, so you don’t need to wear a bra with them. Some contain padding for smaller cup sizes or are cut with larger busts in mind, some finish just below the waist whilst others come down over the hip, and you’ll find a variety of different bust-line shapes to suit every décolletage.

Corsets with Straps contains all our corsets with shoulder straps, halter ties, shawls and sleeves, which are popular for formal events, and amongst our more mature customers who might prefer a little more coverage and a more elegant, modest appearance, without having to sacrifice the waist reduction provided by a corset.

Specialist Corsets are for experienced corset wearers who prefer a very pronounced corseted shape, and these corsets comfortably reduce the waist by around 6?. Combining heavy boning with sumptuous elegance, this is the place to be if you’re a true corsetry aficionado.

Wedding Corsets is where you’ll find our bridal collection, containing corsets perfect as part of a wedding gown, as well as honeymoon and bridal lingerie corsets. Don’t forget to scroll down for helpful bridal corsetry advice.

Burlesque Corsets contains pieces ideal for burlesque starlets or cabaret patrons. Mix and match with our bustles, burlesque lingerie and accessories to create your unique outfit.

The Gothic Corsets section is where we indulge ourselves with darker side of corsetry, and takes us back to our alternative fashion origins in Camden. Here we showcase the best in dramatic corsets perfect for any Gothic princess.

Finally, our Prom Corsets selection features corsets for which we have matching fitted, flared and ballroom skirts to create a beautiful and distinctive ballgown. Not just for debutantes, this section is also useful for outfit ideas if you’re attending any formal event with a black tie/white tie or dinner jacket dress code.

As FairyGothMother and through our fledgeling in-house label, Lulu and Lush, we pride ourselves on providing glamorous, luxurious and unique corsetry for everyone, whether you’re an enthuiastic beginner or a seasoned connoisseur. So do pop in and see us or get in touch with any questions, and come in for a consultation for our bespoke service or allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you choose your perfect corset from our extensive off-the-peg range. So whether you’re a size 6 or 26, an AA or a J cup, have a budget of £100 or £1000 - we guarantee we’ll either have in stock or be able to make for you a corset you’ll adore.

We also offer corsets from some of the world's most renowned corset designers too.

Lulu and Lush
The UK's leading retailer for British corsetry design.

Lulu and Lush by FairyGothMother

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