70-m540 Long line underbust corset

This long line underbust corset is cut to sit just under the bra line, coming low over the stomach and hips. This has been our most popular corset in our London boutique for larger waist sizes, as it gives a flat tummy and a smooth hip outline under clothing.

Colours: Black or Ivory satin. Other colours/fabrics may be available. Please contact us to discuss.

Delivery: Made to order in approximately 8 weeks, unless shown in stock below.


Corsets are sized according to your waist size, not dress size. Corsets should be ordered 2-4 inches (5-10cm) smaller than the natural waist size. e.g. a 26" waist should order a 22" corset.

Baby Blue Taffeta / 24 inch : 1 in stock
Black / 22 inch : 1 in stock
Black / 24 inch : 2 in stock
Black / 26 inch : 1 in stock
Black / 30 inch : 1 in stock
Black / 32 inch : 2 in stock
Black / 36 inch : 3 in stock
Black / 38 inch : 1 in stock
Ivory / 22 inch : 1 in stock
In stock items above this line.

Otherwise contact us to see if we can make to order.

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