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2020 Brides Did you know?

28 October 2019

2020 Brides Did you know?

In general, unless you are buying an off-the-peg dress, most wedding dresses are ordered, and take quite a few months to be made and delivered to the shop you ordered it from. As the summer slots fill up this can become 6-7 months!

FairyGothMother is London’s only specialist short and tea length wedding dress company, and if this is what you are looking for, now is a good time to book your first appointment. This gives you time and space to return for a second appointment, if required, before you decide on which wedding dress will be 'the one’ for you This then allows for time for alterations once your own very special dress arrives with us.

To give you an idea a dress ordered in October 2019 will arrive into us around March/April 2020. A Spring bride then has a good number of weeks to finalise accessories and organise alterations. While gowns ordered in December 2019 would arrive with us around June 2020, and dresses not ordered until January would arrive in July 2020.

Many brides like to delay choosing their gown as they plan to diet and want to leave measuring to the last minute. It is possible to get some dresses more quickly some of the time (with a rush fee), but if you are thinking this, you should know that most dress can be taken in 2-3 dress sizes on arrival by a skilled seamstress.

We have a handy online tool which lets you enter your wedding date and then gives you a set of recommended dates for the process of getting your dress. It can be found here.

Please note: Many designers have their dresses made in China and the Far East. So due to the Coronavirus situation, dress orders may now take 7-8 months until the situation is normalised.

Cut-off times already passed for your date? All is not lost. We do keep a selection of dresses in stock that can be purchased ready-to-wear and taken on the day, but you will have more flexibility to have the exact dress you want, in your choice of colour, length and finish, if you allow time to order though.

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