Three reasons why we don’t stock every wedding dress size in every design.

We are often asked by our fabulous brides why we don’t have every tea length wedding dress style in stock in their size and in their preferred colour way. It’s a very good question! It comes down to three reasons.

  • Space Limitations
    We stock between 90 and 100 styles at any one time and these change twice a year/season. If we stocked one of each size from 6 to 24, that’s 900 dresses without considering off the peg and sample sale gowns. 900 dresses take up a LOT of space. We have a lovely large showroom, but it wouldn’t feel spacious with all that stock!


  • Variety
    If we had one of each size of tea length wedding dress for each style we would have to limit our number of different styles to 9 or 10 to maintain the value of investment in dresses. Now we think all our brides are unique, and 9 or 10 styles just isn’t enough to choose from! Most of the styles comes in 2 to 70 colourways and 5 different lengths too, which adds to the possible combinations.


  • Money!
    Our dresses retail between £495 and £1600. For ease, let’s put the average at £1000. One of each size across 100 styles is a 1000 dresses twice a year and over a million pounds of retail samples. Contrary to popular belief samples are full version dresses and cost the same as dresses ordered for our brides. Even if we had the room, for a small business that’s a great deal of money tied up in dresses. Our accountant wouldn’t be very happy with us!

 The FairyGothMother showroom/shop/studio - another view

So what do we do?

We aim to keep three different sizes in each tea length wedding dress design. With clever clips and pins all brides will have a wide selection of gowns to try. Dresses that prove more popular will end up having more sizes kept in stock and ones that get less attention move into the sample sale. This is how we balance our hope that all brides from petite to curvy can try their dream tea length wedding dress.

As most dresses can be customised, brides can select their choice of style, choose colour options, add or remove sleeves, change belts and length options so they end up with a dress unique to them. Did you know over half our dresses can come in a variety of colours from pale pastel options to red, black or green!

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