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The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress and Making the Most of Your Appointment

If possible, make your first appointment 8-12 months ahead of the wedding. Most gowns take around around 6 months to be ready and we recommend you aim to have your dress arrive around 2 months before the wedding. You will have a greater choice if you give us lots of time, though some dresses can take just 4 months and rush is possible, this will lessen your choice and limit time for alterations. We keep a good selection of off-the-peg and sample gowns for brides on a shorter time scale.

Saturdays are busiest, so book well in advance if you need to travel. We’re also open on Sunday, if you want to avoid Saturday. We only see one bride per appointment time, so you have our complete attention and assistance. Appointments are also available Wednesday-Fridays.

We do not offer an alteration service but are able to provide details of two independent seamstresses should you need one. Gowns will usually needs some alterations for a perfect fit, allow some budget and time for this.

1950’s retro style tea length wedding dresses come to just above the ankle. Shorter Fifties wedding dresses are also available and most dresses can be made longer or shorter to suit. Coloured petticoats are also available to suit your colour schemes.


  • Bring a camera, or use your camera phone. We welcome brides or their friends taking pictures for comparison purposes.
  • Bring someone with you, whether that’s the mother of the bride, maid of honour or a friend. Please limit this to three guests as we do not have seating or space for more. Too many guests may not be helpful to you as they will inevitably have too many views of their own on what, in the end, is your choice!
  • Allow an hour to try on your 1950’s tea length wedding dress or corset and skirt combination gown.
  • Have an open mind and try colours and shapes you hadn’t considered. Everything looks different on a body than on the hanger. We specialise in corset wedding dresses and 1950's tea length wedding dresses.
  • Wear the lingerie you plan to wear on the day if possible. A different bra can have an effect on the fit of the dress and alterations are costly.
  • Bring shoes of the height you plan to wear on the day, even if they aren’t the actual ones you have in mind.
  • Tell us if you are interested in a particular dress/es, as samples sometimes sell to short notice brides and we may need to reschedule when a new one arrives.


  • Have a spray tan within two weeks of your appointment or fittings. Your tan will mark the dresses, and we will have to postpone your appointment if this happens to limit damage to gowns.
  • Try to bring young children, as bridal appointments usually last an hour and this can be boring for little ones.
  • Order your dress until you have lost any weight you are planning. Last minute weight loss, or gain, will mean your dress won’t fit. Ordering the dress in the size you hope to be rarely works.
  • Compare yourself to the magazine models, who are generally tall and size 6 or less. If you are 5ft and a size 16-18 the dress will look different on you. Be realistic.
  • Don't bring too many guests with you. It is your dress and the more guests you have, the more "advice" you'll get, which can sometimes be very un-helpful. We recommend three guests maximum.

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Bridal Sale - Friday May 26th to Sunday May 28th, 2017

Click on image to find out more

Sample and off the peg sale. Wedding and bridal gowns from Lou Lou, Louise Bentley, Brighton Belle, Phoenix, House Of Nicholas, White Rose plus some accessories. Hundreds of pounds to be saved on your dress!

Big Savings!!!!

Bridal Gowns from £250 - £750

Maids from £50 - 195

Sizes 8 - 22 (Most in the 12 - 18 range)



Congratulations to Us. But a big thanks to You!


We'd like to thank everyone who voted for us in's Wedding Awards for Wedding Dress and Accessories Supplier of the Year 2017.

We didn't win but were runners-up, being Highly Commended.


Winter Bridal Sample Sale 2016

Saturday 3rd December - Sunday 4th December.


Sample and off the peg sale. Gowns from Lou Lou, Louise Bentley, Brighton Belle, Pheonix, House Of Nicholas, White Rose plus accessories

Bridal Gowns from £300-£750 Maids from £50-150


Sizes UK 8-20 (Most in the 12-18 range)

A big Thank You to our lovely 2015-16 brides

Sadly, we'd didn't make the final of the The Wedding Industry Awards 2017 but we're delighted by what our customers have said about us when voting for us. We'd like to thank all of you lovely ladies for your support...

I loved the entire experience! I started my search at their previous location and really enjoyed the shopping experience. When I went to try on my dress at their new location I was wowed by the space. It really does them justice. I couldn't be happier with FairyGothMother!
Mrs Jennifer (Wallace) O'Donoghue

Staff so friendly and unpretentious Really knowledgeable and helpful. Amazing ranger of products Great value for beautiful dresses
Mrs Rachel Dain Joyce

We purchased a new sample dress as time was a little tight with less than four months to our wedding. Importantly, it was exactly what I wanted - just two sizes too small. Very correctly I was cautioned on buying a dress and loosing the weight but it was worth the gamble! Complete strangers were coming up to me and calling to us as we walked from the Registry Office to the hotel where we were having our wedding lunch saying how they loved the dress. I felt a million dollars too!
Mrs Kate Waller

What I most appreciated about FairyGothMother was the level of service from the staff. I wanted down-to-earth, non-judgemental people to help me with advice, choices and fitting and that's what I found. I found everyone to be really supportive. I was so happy with my dress and how it fit. Everyone who saw me on the day and who's seen photos since has said it was perfect and exactly me.

Such a genuinely friendly and welcoming experience... I wanted a 1950s tea dress and then range was amazing. They picked out the perfect dress for my size and shape and I was sold! It was hassle free and the best range of tea dresses I found... Really fantastic service
Mrs Claire Smith (Johnson)

Dulcie was the perfect dress and because she was knee length, she managed to last out the entirety of my awesome day! Choosing her, however, was extremely difficult as we struggled to narrow down our options to 4, let alone 1! Emma convinced me to keep the black lace and I looked as though Hepburn and Chanel had had a reunion. Just exquisite so original!
Mrs Talia Matous (Hutchison)

Had a really large selection of tea-length and 50s style dresses. Staff were very friendly and helpful in pulling out dresses that matched my requirements and stuck to my budget rather than suggesting more expensive ones. The dress was beautiful and was altered to fit perfectly. They moved location in between me choosing the dress and going for the first fitting - the new shop was not as attractive inside, as it was a bit bare, but perhaps it was yet to be fully fitted out.
Ms Priscilla McClay

It was a really enjoyable experience choosing my wedding dress at FairyGothmother. The dresses were beautiful and the staff were very helpful and welcoming.
Ms Anja Fee

FairyGothMother has a fabulous range of wedding dresses that are not easily available anywhere else. The staff are really helpful and put you at ease. I got my bridesmaid dresses there too because the dresses were so beautiful and everything went really well.
Ms Teresa Ready

From first looking at the website to when I left the shop with my dress the service I received was awesome. I was made to feel really at home and comfortable, as was my mum who came with me. The range of dresses and the time taken with me to select ones to try on was excellent and I felt I was given honest feedback on how the dresses looked. I ordered my dress at short notice and it arrived with at least 6 weeks to spare! I couldn't have asked for better people to get my dress from. Thank you!
Ms Claire Stanley

It felt relaxed and fun not over the top like a lit of wedding dress shops I went to. My dress was even out of stock as it was last years but they had it made for me!
Mrs Emma Bailey

I was very happy with my experience at FairyGothMother, I loved my dress, there was loads of choice in the vintage style I was looking for and something for everyones budget. The staff were friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was laid pack and unpretentious and I felt at ease. I wish all bridal shops were more like them! Everything was straight forward through the whole process. After the alteration my dress was a perfect fit, and great fun to wear. Thank you FairyGothMother!
Mrs Rosie Spragg

I especially came from Switzerland to get a wedding dress at FairyGothMother, they have a great collection. The staff was very professional and friendly.
Mrs Alexandra Burkart

Very welcoming and helpful, throughout the process of buying my dress.
Miss Hannah Carlisle (Moffatt)

Excellent helpful professional service all round.
Mrs Tracey Judd (Cole)

I recommend FairyGothMother to brides who are looking for a different style of wedding dress. Their large range of vintage-style wedding dresses suits all types of brides and I wish there were more places that had wedding tea dresses like these.

Amazing selection of 1950s and tea dresses which I struggled to find at any other bridal store throughout London and Home Counties. Also a range of sample sizes in every dress, v helpful to see how the dress looks on you. You don't get all the pomp and glitz of some of the posher outlets, you won't get the customary champagne 'bribe', you get choice, no hassle, no pushy staff telling you how amazing you look in something that looks like a lacy sack. You get good, honest service, choice and value
Mrs Natasha Hall (Barnett)

As an older, curvier bride the thought of wedding dress shopping was leaving me cold..I found FairyGothMother and immediately knew they were perfect for me. Attentive but not fake or gushing, made me feel relaxed and welcome, I had real fun trying on dresses and nothing was too much trouble. Beautiful range of 50s gowns and expert advice without me ever feeling under pressure, especially from the lovely Emma.
Mrs Joanne Morrey (Skeet)

The first time I went there I was made to feel so welcome. I was worried they only offered 1 hour appointments but their staff were so good at knowing the stock this didn't matter. They ensured they stuck to the budget I gave them and didn't pressure me to try dresses over the budget. I said I wanted to go away and think about the dress before I made a final decision and there was complete u/standing from the staff about this. They made suggestions about altering the colour and it really worked.
Mrs Thea Allum (Denison)

Fantastic service, used them for self and bridesmaid. Living out in the country and being an older second time round, bride, they allowed plenty of time for fitting and then to try on again with all my accessories to make sure it was right. Can't thank them enough.
Mrs Linda Wheeler (Lesh)

As a very reserved and self-conscious bride, these were the best. I would always recommend .They found my perfect dress so easily And I could not recommend them more highly.
Ms Hannah Kelly

All the ladies were very helpful and reassuring towards me Loved all the 50's dresses too
Mrs Louise Capes

Loved the alternative designs and options, I chose a bright pink 1950's dress which I loved and the wedding attendees / everyone whom has seen photos just loved it. I was very happy and am very very very pleased I chose a non dull and boring supplier to approach. Poo poo to white dresses!
Ms Sarah Singfield

One of the only places I could find that did short wedding dresses in London - great service, thank you
Mrs Aneliese Hirst

I really wanted to wear a vintage style dress for my wedding but most were from specialist shops that were way out of my budget, fairy goth mother were really reasonably priced and beautifully made. I went twice to try dresses and both times the staff were friendly and helpful. They had a great selection of dresses and I ended up buying something completely different to what I'd imagined! I've been recommending you to all my friends who didn't realise you also do bridal wear.
Mrs Rachael Teijido (Butler)

The location of the shop and the range of dresses available were second to none. The staff were also incredibly knowledgeable and made me feel very special when helping choose my dress. I wanted a 1950s dress and was delighted to find a shop specialising in them with so many to choose from.

Lovely down to earth people. They made me feel very comfortable, they went the extra mile to ensure my dress was just how I wanted it.
Mrs Valerie Dewsnip (Billington)

I was having real trouble feeling like a bride at a size 16. A lot of the bridal shops I went to didn't have sizes which suited me or fitted me. I was left not wanting to go bridal shopping. As soon as I stepped into fairy goth mother they were so welcoming and gave me their undivided attention. I found so many dresses which not only suited me but fitted as well. I found my perfect dress and the whole team made me feel like a proper bride.
Mrs Cassy-Ann Price

I found you on the web and can to view your dresses and had a fab morning you were honest in a friendly way giving me good feedback as I tried them on the range of dresses was substantial and just what I needed and you were polite and friendly at all times and made me feel like I really mattered
Mrs Clare Pearse

I was able to try loads of dresses and choose colours - I have had so many compliments for how unique and glam my dress was - amazing staff who made me feel like part of the family. Could not have been more happy!

The ladies at FairyGothMother were always so helpful and welcoming when we went to visit. From my first appointment where they patiently let me try on basically everyone's in the shop because I wasn't sure what I wanted, to my last fitting where they all gathered round and told me how beautiful I looked, they all made me feel like their most important client and they were truly interested in all of the details of my wedding. Their dedication to ensuring I had my perfect dress was outstanding!
Mrs Gemma Spurling (Calow)

I had the most unique wedding dress, and I certainly stood out. I wanted to be different, and FairyGothMother made that happen. I wanted colour in my dress, not traditional, and in the end I tried on 4 dresses there and made my choice on the same day. I didn't even go to another boutique. Everyone was amazed at how different and beautiful my gown was, it made me feel so special, and the service form Emma was tremendous.
Mrs Laura Rossiter (Ruane)

I found a beautiful and different wedding dress through FairyGothMother! Excellent service from Emma. The only downside was the price, but hey, it's your wedding dress!!!
Mrs Nathalie Liva

Emma was brilliant in helping me find a dress. I couldn't try on the exact dress I wanted at the time but she helped to fully reassure me and help decide on the one! She made me feel really relaxed and although there was a bit of time pressure in getting the dress in time for a June wedding, I didn't feel stressed at all. It was great to pick up my dress from FairyGothMother's new premises which was so lovely! They also recommended me to an amazing seamstress for the final fit.It was all great!
Ms Helen Pegram

I found FairyGothMother online. Their range was fresh and interesting. It was different and stylish without being outlandish. The staff when we just popped in went out of their way to accommodate us. Every member of staff I saw & spoke to was friendly and interested. They clearly enjoy their work and customer service seems to come naturally. When I picked up the dress the seamstress made the alterations right then and there so I could pick it up within the hour as I'd come a long way.Excellent!
Mrs Caroline McKenzie (Reed)

I was looking for something unique that wasn't the usual long white wedding dress - originally I was going to try and find an actual vintage dress but this was even better as I could style it to me and my needs on the day. I never looked beyond FGM as they were exactly what I was looking for: cool, stylish, relaxed, friendly and happy to help in any way I needed. It's a nerve wracking process trying on your dress without the hair and make up and relying on phone pics but they made me confident I had made the right choice and never rushed me. Outstanding retailer and I would recommend them to any bride looking to be a bit different.


Rummage Sale Weekend - Summer 2015

Saturday 29th August - Sunday 30th August, 2015

11am - 4pm daily


Corset and general fashion clearance rummage sale. ONE WEEKEND ONLY. As with all our rummage sales the items are one-off and end-of-line pieces massively reduced.

No appointments. No refunds. Not online.

This sale will include corsets, dresses, skirts, bustles, petticoats, but NOT bridal or occasion wear. No current stock will be on display, only clearance stock.

Most Skirts £5 Most dresses £10/£15 most prom gowns £30 , Lingerie from £1, corsets from £20.

Please book corset and bridal appointments outside these dates.

Bridal and Prom Sample Sale - 21st/22nd February only in shop


HUGE SAVINGS in our shop sample sale

Sorry but you missed it!

Our NEW YEAR Online Sale continues

The FairyGothMother New Year online only sale has corsets, babydolls, Burlesque lingerie, silk lingerie, winter coats and much more, all at prices that will not be repeated.


If you are a guy, there's some great bargains ideal for St. Valentine's presents for your lady!


Please Note: The items are not available in our London shop



The FairyGothMother Winter Rummage Sale - One day only!

Yes, it's Rummage Sale time again!

Our last Rummage Sale in the summer had our wonderful customers queuing outside the shop well before we opened, There were great bargains to be had too. One of our customers left with six bags of goodies!

So don't you miss out this time. The Sale is on Saturday 27th December only, and between 11am and 4pm.

Corset and general fashion clearance rummage sale. One off and end of line pieces massively reduced. Most Skirts £5 Most dresses £15 assorted lingerie from £2.

There will be corsets, lingerie, dresses, skirts, bustles, petticoats, but NOT bridal or occasion wear.

No current stock will be on display only clearance stock.

FairyGothMother Christmas/New Year Opening 2014/15

Our London shop opening times...


Wednesday 24th December 11am-2pm
Christmas Day 25th December CLOSED
Boxing Day 26th December> CLOSED
Saturday 27th December 11am-4pm
Our Winter Rummage Sale
28th December - 2nd January CLOSED
from 3rd January Standard opening hours