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Attention 2020 brides

22 July 2019

Attention 2020 brides

Did you know most dress shops don't hold stock and you need to order?

... Dress designers can take 5-6 months to make a dress from the day you order
... Generally, designers make to standard sizes, so for that perfect fit most brides will need some alterations once the dress is made. You should allow 4-6 weeks for this.
... You shouldn't be rushing your search for that dress, so give yourself at least 2 to 3 months to find the one for you.
... All of the above can add up, and you should time when you start looking so that your dress is made and ready for you to wear at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Although rare, delays in the making of your dress can happen. You'll have loads of other things closer to the wedding day to manage without leaving your dress too late.

So what does this mean to you?

Well, if you planning to wed in spring or early summer in 2020, you should seriously be starting to look for your dress now.

Book your appointment with us now - BOOK

Spring Drop-in Gown and Dress Sale - 4th/5th May

Saturday 4th May 10am-4pm
Sunday 5th 10am-1pm

Simple pricing £600 rail, £400 rail and £200 rail.

Also prom/maids/eveningwear £100 rail.

Most gowns tea length. Smaller selection of full length.

Help us make space for Autumn gowns. Selection of sizes available. Most sizes 10-18. Some 8's and 20-24's.

No appointments necessary. First come first served. Take away on the day.

Please note: our current collection full price gowns will not be available to view or try.

Customers will be limited to trying 3 dresses at a time in busy periods. You will be able to select another 3 dresses and wait for the changing room as many times as you like.