Corset Care

  • Never wash your corset.

  • While stains can be spot cleaned, immersion in water will provoke rusting of the metal stays.

  • Dry Clean only, preferably by hand, if that service is available.

  • After each wearing, air your corset by hanging it over a door or chair back. Use a lightly damp cloth to clean the lining, thereby keeping it smelling fresh and reducing the need for dry cleaning.

  • Never let anyone but YOU wear your corset. Your corset takes your shape and causes undue stress when worn by another.

  • Never attempt to remove the corset without loosening the laces. To do so may actually break the corset’s busk and often bends the fastening hardware.

  • Do not wrap any excess lacing around the corset before tying off, as this can cause damage to the corset fabric during wear. 

Respect your corset and it will last a long, long time!

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