Finding And Ordering Your Wedding Dress - advice from FairyGothMother


Please note: Many designers have their dresses made in China and the Far East. So due to the Coronavirus situation, dress orders may now take 7-8 months until the situation is normalised. Our tool below, only considers normal making time, so please be aware that currently you should give allow yourself more time before your wedding to look and order

You're getting married. Lots to plan.

Don't panic!

We can't help with the venue or your guest list, but we can assist you find YOUR DRESS?

You've probably loads of questions, like...

  • When should I start looking for my dress?
  • Should I have family or friends look with me?
  • How long before the wedding should I order my dress?

Well if you'd like some answers to those question and helpful tips from our experienced staff, then select Your Wedding Date from the calendar (or a date close to the date you are considering). You can also type in your date in the form dd mm yyyy.

Our advice will appear below once your date is Submitted.