70-m2065trg3-c Long line overbust corset

Long line straight top steel boned corset in luxury satin with matching satin halter ties. Corset worn here with a classic pencil skirt.

Colour: Black satin

Corsets are sized according to your waist size, not dress size. Corsets should be ordered 2-4 inches (5-10cm) smaller than the natural waist size. e.g. a 26" waist should order a 22" corset.
Black satin / 20 inch : 1 in stock
Black satin / 24 inch : 1 in stock
Black satin / 28 inch : 2 in stock
Black satin / 30 inch : 1 in stock
Black satin / 38 inch : 1 in stock
In stock items above this line.

Otherwise contact us to see if we can make to order.

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