py-05 Underbust corset with a high-cut curve over the upper hips

This Puimond underbust corset is cut from 12 pattern panels, fits a wide range of figures with a high-cut curve over the upper hips, contour shaping under the bust and a sexy, high curved back for extra support. The centre front length is 12.75″ and the centre back is 13″.

Colour/Fabric/Size: Dark red Duchess satin - 24 inch
Images show style and do not show colour. This corset's colour is shown below.
Corsets are sized according to your waist size, not dress size. Corsets should be ordered 2-4 inches (5-10cm) smaller than the natural waist size. e.g. a 26" waist should order a 22" corset.
Dark red Duchess satin / 24 inch : 1 in stock
Last remaining stock of this item. You cannot order other sizes.

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