vk-09-serina Longer line underbust corset

Longline underbust corset fits low over the hips in stunning black brocade fabric (also a couple of discontinued blue brocade remaining  in stock). Cut to give a fabulous hourglass shape while still allowing plenty of room at the ribcage and hips. Modesty panel as standard.

This corset is cut to give a 5-6" waist reduction.
Colours: Black (plus remaining in-stock discontinued Blue). 

Delivery: If not listed as in stock, made to order in approximately 6-8 weeks.

Corsets are sized according to your waist size, not dress size. This corset should be ordered 5-6 inches (10-15cm) smaller than the natural waist size. e.g. a 26" waist should order a 20" corset.
30 inch / Black : 1 in stock
26 inch / Blue : 1 in stock
32 inch / Blue : 1 in stock
In stock items above this line.

Otherwise contact us to see if we can make to order.

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