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The Do's and Don'ts of Choosing Your Wedding Dress and Making the Most of Your Appointment

If possible, make your first appointment 8-12 months ahead of the wedding. Most gowns take around around 6 months to be ready and we recommend you aim to have your dress arrive around 2 months before the wedding. You will have a greater choice if you give us lots of time, though some dresses can take just 4 months and rush is possible, this will lessen your choice and limit time for alterations. We keep a good selection of off-the-peg and sample gowns for brides on a shorter time scale.

Saturdays are busiest, so book well in advance if you need to travel. We’re also open on Sunday, if you want to avoid Saturday. We only see one bride per appointment time, so you have our complete attention and assistance. Appointments are also available Wednesday-Fridays.

We do not offer an alteration service but are able to provide details of two independent seamstresses should you need one. Gowns will usually needs some alterations for a perfect fit, allow some budget and time for this.

1950’s retro style tea length wedding dresses come to just above the ankle. Shorter Fifties wedding dresses are also available and most dresses can be made longer or shorter to suit. Coloured petticoats are also available to suit your colour schemes.


  • Bring a camera, or use your camera phone. We welcome brides or their friends taking pictures for comparison purposes.
  • Bring someone with you, whether that’s the mother of the bride, maid of honour or a friend. Please limit this to three guests as we do not have seating or space for more. Too many guests may not be helpful to you as they will inevitably have too many views of their own on what, in the end, is your choice!
  • Allow an hour to try on your 1950’s tea length wedding dress or corset and skirt combination gown.
  • Have an open mind and try colours and shapes you hadn’t considered. Everything looks different on a body than on the hanger. We specialise in corset wedding dresses and 1950's tea length wedding dresses.
  • Wear the lingerie you plan to wear on the day if possible. A different bra can have an effect on the fit of the dress and alterations are costly.
  • Bring shoes of the height you plan to wear on the day, even if they aren’t the actual ones you have in mind.
  • Tell us if you are interested in a particular dress/es, as samples sometimes sell to short notice brides and we may need to reschedule when a new one arrives.


  • Have a spray tan within two weeks of your appointment or fittings. Your tan will mark the dresses, and we will have to postpone your appointment if this happens to limit damage to gowns.
  • Try to bring young children, as bridal appointments usually last an hour and this can be boring for little ones.
  • Order your dress until you have lost any weight you are planning. Last minute weight loss, or gain, will mean your dress won’t fit. Ordering the dress in the size you hope to be rarely works.
  • Compare yourself to the magazine models, who are generally tall and size 6 or less. If you are 5ft and a size 16-18 the dress will look different on you. Be realistic.

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Rummage Sale Weekend - Summer 2015

Saturday 29th August - Sunday 30th August, 2015

11am - 4pm daily


Corset and general fashion clearance rummage sale. ONE WEEKEND ONLY. As with all our rummage sales the items are one-off and end-of-line pieces massively reduced.

No appointments. No refunds. Not online.

This sale will include corsets, dresses, skirts, bustles, petticoats, but NOT bridal or occasion wear. No current stock will be on display, only clearance stock.

Most Skirts £5 Most dresses £10/£15 most prom gowns £30 , Lingerie from £1, corsets from £20.

Please book corset and bridal appointments outside these dates.

Our London shop one-day closure

Please be aware that our London shop will be closed for on Friday 22nd May. We will be open again on Saturday 23rd as usual.

Due to transport difficulties, we are now also closing on Tuesday 26th May. Normal hours from Wednesday the 27th.

We apologise if you were planning to visit us on the Friday. We do advise everyone to make an appointment if they want to see us. That way we can have appropriate staff in to help. 

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Bridal and Prom Sample Sale - 21st/22nd February only in shop


HUGE SAVINGS in our shop sample sale

Sorry but you missed it!

Our NEW YEAR Online Sale continues

The FairyGothMother New Year online only sale has corsets, babydolls, Burlesque lingerie, silk lingerie, winter coats and much more, all at prices that will not be repeated.


If you are a guy, there's some great bargains ideal for St. Valentine's presents for your lady!


Please Note: The items are not available in our London shop



The FairyGothMother Winter Rummage Sale - One day only!

Yes, it's Rummage Sale time again!

Our last Rummage Sale in the summer had our wonderful customers queuing outside the shop well before we opened, There were great bargains to be had too. One of our customers left with six bags of goodies!

So don't you miss out this time. The Sale is on Saturday 27th December only, and between 11am and 4pm.

Corset and general fashion clearance rummage sale. One off and end of line pieces massively reduced. Most Skirts £5 Most dresses £15 assorted lingerie from £2.

There will be corsets, lingerie, dresses, skirts, bustles, petticoats, but NOT bridal or occasion wear.

No current stock will be on display only clearance stock,. For our normal current stock please book corset and bridal appointments as usual for another date.

FairyGothMother Christmas/New Year Opening 2014/15

Our London shop opening times...


Wednesday 24th December 11am-2pm
Christmas Day 25th December CLOSED
Boxing Day 26th December> CLOSED
Saturday 27th December 11am-4pm
Our Winter Rummage Sale
28th December - 2nd January CLOSED
from 3rd January Standard opening hours



Flash Sale - Classic underbust corset


Save a whopping 50% on our ever popular underbust corset

Great Christmas present at a great price, but only until midnight Wednesday UK time.

To obtain your £70 pound saving enter UBFLASH promo code at checkout.

**** Flash Corset Sale ****

20 November 2014

**** Flash Corset Sale ****

These gorgeous quality overbust corsets for just £60!

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Corrie does FairyGothMother

Over the past couple of months we've supplied corsets to ITV's Coronation Street, Britain's longest running TV soap, and all we were told is that they were wanted for a wedding episode.

Well now, all is revealed...

The character Beth wears a corset which is an embellished version of our Valkyrie vk-05 overbust corset in ivory for part of her themed bridal outfit.



All images: Eamonn and James Clarke / Manchester Evening News