2020 or 2021 Bride? Did you know?

"4 out of 5 brides to be don't realise how long they need to allow to look for and have their dress made"*

Did you know? 4 out of 5 brides to be don't realise how long they need to allow to look for and have their dress made!

It is common today that bridal retailers only carry sample dresses allowing you to choose your dress, which then needs to be ordered from the dress' designers. From order date to being ready can be as much as 6 months!

We have lots of useful information for brides to be on our Resources for You page on our web site, including a handy little tool that you can enter your wedding date into, and it will tell you ideally when you should be looking for that dress you have always wanted, and when you need to be placing your order to have it made in time.

We also have advice on how to get the best from your appointments when looking for your dress.

* from a survey of our own customers.

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