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Wedding Are Still Happening

One of our bride's wedding ceremony during Covi-19 pandemic 

Brides and grooms are still having their "big days" despite the affects of the pandemic.

Feedback we've been getting has in the vast majority of cases been very positive. With most couples saying a big plus has been on the overall cost of the day. Many saying the savings can be spent elsewhere on their homes or just saved for any rainy days that come along!

The biggest saving has been for inviting smaller numbers and saving on catering costs, and hence not needing as big a venue as they would have needed and saving there too. Quite a few live streaming the actual ceremony.

We're also getting feedback that even with the strict conditions being applied by venues, a great day can still be had, and not one has told us they wouldn't have done on their experience.

So if you aren't clear on the current rules on weddings during then there is guidance from government for all four nations of the UK. 

If you'd like to read the full government guidance for England, as of 14th October, 2020, then click hereGuidance for the devolved nations of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales can be found on each devolved government's website.

Getting married in 2021, or are you a last minute bride this year? Then you need to read this...


A 2021 Bride.

It is common today that bridal retailers, like ourselves only carry sample dresses allowing you to choose your dress, which then needs to be ordered to be made from the dress' designers. From order date to being ready can be as much as 6 months!

*80% of  brides asked didn't know this.*

So if you are getting from March 2021 on you really should be in a position to order your dress now. If you are getting married before that then all is not lost, see below.

We have lots of useful information for brides to be on our Resources for You page on our web site, including a handy little tool that you can enter your wedding date into, and it will tell you ideally when you should be looking for that dress you have always wanted, and when you need to be placing your order to have it made in time.

We also have advice on how to get the best from your appointments when looking for your dress.

* from a survey of our own customers.

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A Last Minute Bride

If you've decided to marry in the next few months then we can help. We always have a good selection of dresses available for immediate purchase.

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