When to purchase your wedding dress - hints and tips for 2020/21 brides

2021 and 2022 brides this is for you. How is the planning going? Our short tea length wedding dresses and full-length vintage wedding dresses all take around 5-6 months to arrive from date of order. As the summer slots fill up this can become 6-7 months!

As London’s only specialist short and tea length wedding dress company, now is a good time to book your first appointment. This gives you time and space to return for a second appointment if required before you decide on which wedding dress will be the ‘one’. This then allows for time for alterations once your own very special dress arrives with us.

To give you an idea, a dress ordered in September 2021 will arrive into us around February/March 2022. A Spring bride then has a good number of weeks to finalise accessories and organise alterations. While gowns ordered in December 2020 would arrive with us around May/June 2021, and dresses not ordered until January would arrive in July 2021.

We know some brides like to delay choosing their gown as they plan to lose weight and want to leave measuring to the last minute. It is possible to get some dresses more quickly some of the time (with a rush fee), but if you are thinking this, you should know that most designs can be taken in 2-3 dress sizes on arrival by a skilled seamstress.

Not enough time you say. All is not lost. We do keep a selection of dresses in stock that can be purchased off-the-peg and taken on the day, or even ordered online, but you will have more flexibility to have the exact dress you want, in your choice of colour, length and finish, if you allow time to order though.

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